Vauxhall Astra SRI 177Hp A16LET


Vauxhall Astra SRI 177Hp A16LET 
Pt No 5303-970-0110 2 years warranty
Just £360 inc VAT!!

Launch of our new cleaning service

We are excited to announce our new service that enables a full clean of all the VNT and Turbine housing (as well as combustion chambers) without turbo removal!

Previously we offered VNT cleaning by removing turbo and manifold, and shot blasting the exhaust side components in the traditional fashion - giving a a significant saving over a full turbocharger overhaul or main dealer service.

The new process takes about an hour, and will cost £125.00 
Please ring for more information.
Turbo Cleaning

BMW 320/520D 150Bhp M47


BMW 320/520D 150Bhp M47 '02-'08 - Pt No 717478 £198.00 incl VAT, Also BMW 520D/X3 147Bhp M47TU '05 - '07 - Pt No 762965 £234 Inc VAT... Fully remanufactured turbos, 2 years warranty.

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