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Owen Developments Turbo Specialists and provider of Turbocharger products, parts and accessories

Owen Developments is one of the premier specialists in high-performance forced induction in Europe. Founded in 1980, the company has an impressive track record for developing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality Turbochargers to its customer base around the world, including the OEM, performance aftermarket and, of course, the motorsport sectors.

The Oxfordshire-based Owen Developments builds, produces, modifies, and designs Turbochargers with unparalleled levels of innovation, performance, and quality, earning it a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the field of Turbochargers. Indeed, the company is recognised as the control supplier of Turbos to Indy Lights, MINI Challenge and the well-respected British Touring Car Championship.

Coming up to its fourth decade in the industry, Owen Developments are famed for their state of the art quality control and dynamic Turbo balancing equipment which allow them to produce bespoke Turbochargers to highly exacting criteria.

Of course, it’s not just professional customers that can benefit from the high quality of an Owen Developments produced Turbocharger. The company also produce a range of off-the-shelf models that can be fitted by private consumers, giving them the same kind of power and thrust offered to the motorsports scene.
As well as producing some top-end Turbochargers for the home and commercial market, Owen Developments are one of the few Turbo manufacturers to have recognised the considerable secondary marker in remanufactured Turbos. Indeed, not only have they noticed this hole in their user base, they have actively embraced it, realising that remanufacturing of existing Turbo is not only economically sound, but also environmentally conscious.

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Your local Owen Developments Dealer

At Turbo Performance Ltd, we are pleased to be able to offer the complete range of Owen Developments Turbocharger products to our customers in Southampton through our local shop, and further afield by our online mail order service.

Experience and expertise

With five decades of continuous experience in the Turbocharger field, every member of our team is a well-formed and highly-trained expert, each possessing an intimate knowledge of all the items we have in stock, including those produced by Owen Developments. Whoever you speak to, you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible information and advice.

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Aftersales care

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t come to an end once you’ve purchased your Owen Developments Turbocharger. As experts in the fields of both Turbo repair and Turbo reconditioning our team of skilled engineers and mechanics will be here to help you should you suffer any little bumps in the road. We have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all Owen Developments products, and can assist you with any maintenance and repairs you may need in the future.

Other Turbocharger Services

We deal with all Turbocharger related problems in Southampton and nationwide, we are Turbo Specialists and supply parts for all Turbocharger brands. We are experts in Turbo Reconditioning and Hybrid Turbo’s.

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Get in touch with us today. Call our Southampton office on 01425 543 303 and speak to us about purchasing an Owen Developments Turbocharger, be it brand spanking new, or remanufactured. Our team of well-informed and friendly staff will be happy to offer you the benefit of their experience.